Infectious diseases, civil war, and political corruption and instability are the lot of far too many African countries which are also, unfortunately, among the poorest of the world. Though a number of upstanding organizations dedicated to facilitating the survival of these afflicted populations are already in existence, a greater emphasis on long-term solutions and radical changes is desperately needed.

At H.A.S. we firmly believe that the only people capable of bringing such changes about are Africans themselves, especially these young men and women that populate African university campuses today. They are the future of the continent of Africa and our main focus at H.A.S. 





Damaris Foping, PhD

Of African descent, Dr. Foping is a University of Mississippi graduate , activist and charismatic speaker in the field of education in Africa. She is also a US department of State Fulbright Alumni.

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According to experts, a direct correlation exists between the quality of a country’s higher education and how well it is doing economically. In Africa, especially Sub-Saharan countries, the higher education system is one of the poorest in quality in the world (outdated curriculum that is not relevant to the corporate world’s needs, teaching that is too theoretical, etc.). And as a matter of fact about, these nations are among those with the highest rate of working poor and graduate unemployment in the world.

At HelpforAfricanStudents, Inc., we are great believers in the power of ICT and E-learning, not only  as points of access for badly needed academic and financial resources for African students, but also as powerful tools that can drastically transform Africa’s higher education (a) at a fast pace and (b) in a cost-efficient manner, if used properly.



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