do-it-yourself       our free approach apply for studies abroad

When you want to study abroad, informing yourself the most about the following aspects is key. 

  1. Your targeted country
  2. Their education system
  3. And once this is done and you know your chosen field of study, find at least 10 universities offering the given program first.
  4. Then try reading your prospective department’s website, and scanning for specifics about your study program.
  5. In each case also visit the admission office’s website, looking for requirements to get a seat in your targeted program.
  6. Once this is done, select the 2-3 universities that you will be applying to 
  7. Locate the online application form in each case and fill it out 
  8. Then upload the required document where indicated, and pay the application fee (if any)  
  9. Wait for the decision from the admission committee
  10. Once you have secured admission, it is time to move to the embassy website of your chosen country within your border
  11. On the page try locating information about the application for a visa – on that page, you will see all the necessary steps to apply for a student visa. The most important information here is the required documents. 
  12. Follow indicated steps to fill out a visa application and prepare for the interview if one is required in your particular case. 
  13. If you are granted a visa, follow recommended steps to prepare for your travel and studies journey