The United States stands out for being the world superpower, and, with well over 5000
universities and counting, they have the best educational system in the world. This on top of the
fact that some of the best funding opportunities, especially in the field of research, come from
the US makes it one of the most popular destinations for studies abroad despite the high tuition
cost charged by most American universities. This cost is so high that many American families
can't afford it themselves, pushing students to live and study on loans. It is also very important
to point out, however, that with 5000 universities and counting, diversity is high at all levels,
including the cost of studies. Even though the cost of study for some schools like Harvard, MIT,
and Stanford is through the roof, there are universities in the United States that cost less than
what you will spend for studies in Germany for instance. It's all about looking for the right