Below you have all sorts of journals offering their publications FREE to all.

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Here is the list :

  1. Acta Adriatica
  2. Aquatic Invasions
  3. Arquipélago : Life and Marine Sciences
  4. Atmósfera
  5. Baltica : an international yearbook for Quaternary geology and palaeogeography, coastal morphology and shore processes, marine geology and recent tectonics of the Baltic Sea area
  6. Brazilian Journal of Aquatic Science and Technology
  7. Brazilian Journal of Oceanography
  8. Ciencias Marinas
  9. Gayana (Concepción)
  10. Geofizika
  11. Indian Journal of Marine Sciences
  12. Journal of Marine Animals and Their Ecology
  13. Journal of Marine Biology
  14. Mediterranean Marine Science
  15. Ocean Science (OS)
  16. Ocean Science Discussions (OSD)
  17. Oceanography
  18. Oceanologia
  19. Open Oceanography Journal
  20. Revista de Biologia Marina y Oceanografia
  21. Science of Tsunami Hazards
  22. Scientia Marina
  23. The Cryosphere
  24. The Cryosphere Discussions