Below you have all sorts of journals offering their publications FREE to all.

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Here is the list :



  1. Advances in Astronomy
  2. Advances in Geosciences
  3. Apeiron (Montreal) : studies in infinite nature
  4. Astronomy Education Review
  5. Astrophysics and Space Sciences Transactions (ASTRA)
  6. Bulletin astronomique de Belgrade
  7. Communicating Astronomy with the Public Journal
  8. Geodetski vestnik
  9. Information bulletin on variable stars
  10. Journal of astrophysics and astronomy
  11. Living Reviews in Solar Physics
  12. MARS : The International Journal of Mars Science and Exploration
  13. Open Astronomy Journal
  14. Revista Brasileira de Cartografia
  15. Revista Mexicana de Astronomía y Astrofísica : Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Instituto de Astronomía
  16. Serbian Astronomical Journal