Our Mission – HelpforAfricanStudents, Inc.


We are about long-term solutions to poverty in Africa. Our concern is to “teach people to fish,” not simply to give them a fish that will last only a day. We carry out our mission by targeting one of the most economically pertinent demographics: African youth.Our strategy is simple and involves engineering cyber solutions which, by enriching systems already in place, help transform these young people into outstanding future leaders, the problem-solvers that this continent so desperately needs.




To understand the power of what we do, ask yourself what would happen to the United States or any developed country if the pipeline of talented graduates (engineers, scientists, MDs, politicians, etc.) that emerge from their universities year after year was suddenly interrupted. Assuredly that country’s economy would crash, dragging down with it the country’s social stability. That is precisely the scenario unfolding in Africa. That’s the power of education and the reason why Mandela stated that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Africa has one of the poorest educational systems in the world. The fact that the tertiary level of education is also affected isn’t the most deplorable aspect of the situation. What’s saddest is that global/humanitarian efforts or programs aimed at accelerating the reshaping of this vital branch of education are scarce. In fact, a nonprofit active in the field of education in Africa is much more likely to secure funding if its programs are geared towards the early education sector.

When we consider that tertiary education is the machine that manufactures doctors, engineers, scientists, and politicians, those men and women who, thanks to their breakthroughs and performance, stand for and protect a country by tackling its existing challenges—we can’t keep from wondering who is standing for Africa.


It is for this reason that our top focus is tertiary education. Leveraging the ongoing digital revolution, our dream and ongoing efforts consist of bringing African young people the best opportunities available globally. We develop online courses and other virtual reality tools to improve the quality of teaching at the tertiary level. We also target primary and secondary education sectors and specialize in helping institutions tap into the tremendous opportunities that come with integrating ICT into their programs.

This latter point is one of our greatest advantages. Because we specialize in ICT, using the power of internet, our organization can cross multiple countries’ boarders in one shot and, regardless of current limitations to African youths receiving a great education like poor quality teachers and corruption, impact students all over the continent of Africa in a powerful way




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