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Below is an urgent and interesting message for African students. Going about looking for scholarships the start way is highly recommended.  She below for some key advice.




Interested in scholarships?


With Africa being the poorest continent on earth, the probability is high that the students or parents reading this section cannot afford studies abroad. 


Here you will find two types of information: a listing of some of the best scholarships African students qualify for and some important information pertaining to scholarships. READ MORE.



Scholarships – generalities


  1. An important piece of advice: if you cannot afford to pay for your studies abroad yourself or with the help of your family, we recommend that you do not spend time looking for a scholarship unless you are positive that you have a great chance to land one – meaning you have excellent grades, an excellent extracurricular activities record, an excellent publication history, an excellent study plan, an excellent career plan.
  2. Landing a scholarship is extremely difficult because, as mentioned above, excellence is required. Many students have an unrealistic idea about scholarships, thinking that all that is required is filling out an application, sending it out, and hoping for the best. In fact, these are extremely competitive awards with hundreds of people applying. That’s why excellence, an overall excellent academic profile, is REQUIRED.
  3. If you have an average rather than an excellent profile, please do one of the following. If you or your family can afford paying for study abroad, go that route. If you can’t afford those studies, focus instead on opportunities in your home country. Note that you can become successful in your home country as well. Thousands of people have become millionaires without ever having set foot abroad. It is all about choosing the right type of studies from the beginning. Many aspiring students fail whether in their home country or abroad for the same reason: poor planning.
  4. There are two types of scholarships. Fully funded scholarships are usually allocated by governments and NGOs and cover the whole cost of your studies abroad, including stipend, tuition, flight ticket, health insurance, etc. The other type of scholarship is called partially funded and is common in universities. Partially funded scholarships are designed for those who are planning on paying for their own studies and are meant to reduce their financial burden.
  5. Note that nearly all universities in the US and in most other countries offer some type of scholarship. For US universities, you can find scholarship information on the financial aid page.
  6. Do not apply for a partially funded scholarship until you clearly know where the rest of the money will come from, as this type of scholarship only covers things like tuition or part of tuition.


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