Donation gift 25

For a donation of $100, treat yourself  to this fabulous brand new designer shoes- perfect for summer time.

100% authentic hand-crafted African shoes, designed by some of the most talented artists out there.

Available in all sizes.

Important note on the process:  please note that the coloring pattern on the shoes you will receive might vary SLIGHTLY. Here is how things work: The minute the donation is made you are contacted by email and several options presented to you. The minute we receive your choice, the shoes is shipped immediately.

Shipping cost are included in your donation. We opted for the most cost effective way of shipping and you should expect receiving your gift within 4-8 weeks.

Faster shipping options (through DHL, UPS, FedEx etc ) are available of course but will require additional expenses.



1) Click on the button below to make your donation (damarisfoping[a] is the email on our PayPal account), after this step

(2) use the form below to send us all the information to mail in your donation gift

damarisfoping[A] is the email on our PayPal account
If you paid using paypal enter the corresponding email here, otherwise enter your personal email
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