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Written by Dr. Damaris Foping   
Thursday, 05 July 2012 11:57




Please watch this video; it only takes 1:45 minutes.




I watched this video 100s of times and cried myself to sleep every single time. I didn't mourn so much for the children on this video as I do for that one child somewhere in Africa going through the same thing but that no one will ever hear about—a child, a breathing human being as capable of feeling pain as you and I, who day after day will progressively dwindle away until that last breath. I was born in Sub Saharan Africa – a land that has suffered from the same old calamities for decades and decades. Oh, how I long to see the day this kind of horror will be over.Although I am grateful for the international aid poured into Africa, I have always sincerely believed that until Africans adopt a more positive and proactive attitude towards their own problems, development will stagnate. 


Fostering the emergence of proactive citizens from the midst of Africa’s aspiring youth is what a team of volunteers (Americans and Africans) and I have been doing through this nonprofit for the past several years. In plain English, how do we proceed? Well, as you and me, African youth is out for success in life. We partner, providing them with academic advice, vital funding related info, and academic resources (etc.) AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, in the process show them how to use their education as a tool to drive changes in Africa tomorrow.


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With a website currently ranked among the top 1% in world, a newsletter with thousands of cheering subscribers from all over Africa, it is clear that we are making a difference


Care to empower us?   

Care to join us in raising leaders from Africa aspiring youth?


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