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Montclair State University Graduate Assistantship PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dr. Damaris Foping   
Thursday, 09 February 2012 12:53

Africa_1Deadline: Febuary 1

Academic Year: Annual

Funding Source: Montclair State University

Country of Study: USA

Degree Targeted: Master, PhD




This scholarship is recurrent; please make sure you visit their pointingfingerleftwebsite for updated information. Note that some scholarships are launched annually for a predetermined number of years - so before start preparing your application, make sure you have updated information.


Parce que cette bourse est annuelle ; il est hautement recommandé de visiter leur site pour les dernières infos.

Type of Scholarship
Fully funded

General Assistantship Information for Master's Degree Students

The Graduate School offers approximately 200 graduate assistantships for first-time master’s degree seeking graduate students who are interested in an opportunity to gain an academic experience that directly complements the student's degree program curriculum. All assistantships are diverse in nature and encompass a wide variety of responsibilities and duties while allowing students to also achieve their academic goals. Assistantships will offer opportunities to work with faculty on research, assist faculty with instructional support, and/or be related to the student’s clinical or field work.


Term of the Assistantship: One full academic year, beginning September 1 and ending June 30



Graduate assistants receive a tuition and University-wide fee remission for up to 24 graduate credits per academic year. Fees that are specific to courses or to individual students are not included in the remission (e.g. Art studio fees, supplies, parking and/or Health Insurance, etc.). Graduate assistants also receive a stipend.


General Assistantship Information for Doctoral Students

The Graduate School offers assistantships at the doctoral level for students who are interested in an opportunity to gain professional or research experience while participating in the academic life of Montclair State University. All assistantships are diverse in nature and encompass a wide variety of responsibilities and duties while allowing students to achieve their academic goals. Assistants receive a waiver of tuition and college-wide fees, plus a ten-month stipend in return for working an average of 20 hours per week (i.e. handling classes, conducting research, and/or other appropriate activities during the appointment).

Assistantships are awarded for one full academic year, beginning September 1 and ending June 30. The duties and responsibilities vary with each appointment. Only students fully accepted (matriculated) into a doctoral degree program at Montclair State University are eligible for an assistantship. Applications will be considered during the admission review. Assistantship recipients typically will be notified at the time of admission into the doctoral program.

Assistants are considered full-time students, fulfilling twenty hours per week. Tuition and fee remissions cover tuition and University-wide fees for the specific semester during which the student is in the assistantship position. The remission covers only those courses listed on a student's work program. Fees that are specific to courses are not included in the remission (e.g. supplies for courses in Art, Music, etc.). Each year there are many more qualified students than assistantship positions available at the doctoral level.

Eligible African Countries


Any African country
Field of Study
Any field

Graduate assistants must:

  • Be fully matriculated in a master's degree program at MSU
  • Be a full-time student, maintaining a minimum of nine (9) credits per semester, and a maximum of twelve (12) credits per semester
  • Maintain at least a 3.00 GPA during each semester of the assistantship
  • Fulfill twenty hours per week


Graduate assistantships for doctoral students

To be awarded an assistantship, the following are required:

  • A current assistantship application, filed with The Graduate School,
  • An acceptance into a doctoral program at Montclair State University,
  • A recommendation for appointment, signed by the appointing supervisor; and
  • An offer-of-appointment letter from the The Graduate School.
Application Procedure

Graduate Assistantship

A separate application for a graduate assistantship does not exist. Students should be sure to mark the appropriate area on the graduate admission application if interested in a graduate assistantship / teaching assistantship.

Graduate assistantships / teaching assitantships will be considered as part of the admission process to a graduate master's degree program. Most of our graduate degree programs have rolling admission, so the earlier a student completes the application for admission, the greater chance the student has to be considered for open graduate assistantship positions.


Graduate assistantships for doctoral students

A seperate application for doctoral Assistantship does not exist. Doctoral students should be sure to makr the appropriate area on the graduate admission application if interested in a doctoral assistantship.

Any student who has been fully accepted into a doctoral program leading to a doctoral degree is eligible to compete for an Assistantship. A student who wishes to apply for an Assistantship should allow sufficient time for admissions credentials to be assembled and processed.

Please note that simply applying for an Assistantship and being admitted to the University does not in any way guarantee that an Assistantship award will be received. All applicants must undergo a review and approval process, which involves initial review by the Assistantship program coordinator, interview and recommendation for a position by an Assistantship supervisor, review and approval by the Dean or Division Head in which the position is housed and final approval by The Graduate School. An offer of an Assistantship position is only official when it is sent to the student from The Graduate School.

Applications will remain on file for one year. The University cannot guarantee consideration of applications received after the February 1 deadline.

Completed Assistantship applications should be included with your application for doctoral study and mailed to The Graduate School, Montclair State University, 1 Normal Avenue, Montclair, NJ 07043



This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it





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