Watch the video below and you will understand.

Will this ever end?

At H.A.S. we believe that African students, now spread across the globe, are THE ANSWER.  At H.A.S. we believe Africa will find sustainable, long-term solutions for its problems when African students (especially those of university age) begin take these issues personally.

H.A.S. was created to partner with these students in their daily struggles towards a quality education for a brighter future.



Incorporated in the state of Mississippi in January 2009, we are now a tax exempt nonprofit corporation and one of the very few U.S. organizations whose sole target is the African student (university age). Well known in many universities across Africa, our organization is the owner of the largest database exclusively dedicated to African students on the World Wide Web today.
Our Entity Identity Number (EIN) with the U.S. federal government is 26-4590665
Our Business ID number with the state of Mississippi is 943878

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