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Sincere greetings:


My name is Damaris and I wish to welcome you once again to this platform.

A good Master's /PhD degree, i.e., one sanctioned by good grades plus one or more publication(s) could open countless doors to any African student.

Unfortunately, the access to necessary resources that could lead to such a “happy ending”, such as related books and articles, is a luxury for many students on the continent Africa.

What makes this problem so sad is how needless it is: a good number of students are simply unaware of the concept of “open access”—that is, free access to knowledge in science, arts and humanities. Let me explain.

important_conceptFor decades now there has been a group of researchers/institutions campaigning for “free access” to publications. This movement has thus far resulted in the creation of a large number of databases/search engines through which thousands of articles (scientific, literary or technical) are available to the public completely free of charge.

"Free" here should not be seen as an indication or a result of the questionable quality of these documents; it is simply a result of political will. In the United States for example, all publications emanating from research projects financed by certain government agencies that award grants to researchers must be made available to the public free of charge.

What is the online library at H.A.S.?

We have located and organized the best 'Open Access' search engines/journals by field of study (scientific, literary or technical). Virtually all fields are represented. Here's the good news: as soon as you receive a research topic from your supervisor, compiling the set of documents that you will need to do a great job is easy:

A note. H.A.S. has also initiated talks with several American institutions. The aim of the agreements we are after is to expand the set of scientific, literary or technical articles to which our students/scientists have access.


Incorporated in the state of Mississippi in January 2009, we are now a tax exempt nonprofit corporation and one of the very few U.S. organizations whose sole target is the African student (university age). Well known in many universities across Africa, our organization is the owner of the largest database exclusively dedicated to African students on the World Wide Web today.
Our Entity Identity Number (EIN) with the U.S. federal government is 26-4590665
Our Business ID number with the state of Mississippi is 943878

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